Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abundant Hummingbirds

Now that I've settle along the creek for a spell my hummingbird feeder is as active as ever. If I stayed on my toes, I could refill the 2+ cup feeder 2-3 times a day. But I'm not always around that much, so they have to go part of the day without. Generally I like to feed them in the evening so that they can have some left over for the morning. Even when empty, there is seemingly a constant parade of hummingbirds coming to see if there is any feed. Yesterday morning they came to the feeder still in my hand before I could get out the door.

No signs of any aggressive hummingbirds now. There is just a free flow of nice ones. I'm grateful.

Summer in oak creek canyon is very nice and close to nature. A walk to go swimming in the creek gives rise to stopping to enjoy some wild blackberries. All the elements are strong and bold in the fullness of summer right now. Abundant air and sun. Water is cold and refreshing. The earth element livens the senses with sights, smells and sounds. Sing a lullaby sweet summer nature elements. I freely escape the otherwise harsh human world into your lovely songs of nature.

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