Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blessing of a Peaceful Home

There is so much to be thankful for when sitting outside, listening to the birds and the gentle wind chimes. The branches of the tress all waving as if to say "Hi, look at me!" They sky is blue with wispy clouds. It is a peaceful day.

I filled the hummingbird feeder up just a few days ago. Already it is more the half empty. I no longer live at the trout farm, by the creek, so I don't have as many hummingbirds here at my new home. But, hummingbirds nevertheless. I wonder if there population will grow as I continue to feed them this summer?

A few days ago there was a leak underground in the back yard. Consequently I had to make adjustments to the water valve of the irrigation system. The valve is located in a water utility box in the ground. When I opened the green the first time I was surprised to see a Black Widow Spider living underneath the cover. I decided it was fine to just let her be there, and after I made my adjustments to the water valve I just closed the lid back up again.

A few more occasions occurred when I had to open the box again. I would do so gently to not disturb the spider, and gently place it back again after making the valve adjustments. Then one day, I went to open the cover and to my surprise there was no spider any longer. But there along the edge of the box was a frog. It was kind of a surprise. Then it made me wonder: Did the frog eat the spider? Or did the spider turn into a frog?

It is truly a blessing to be in our nature sanctuaries. There are events unfolding and stories to be told that we might never see if we are too busy. This is where I like to dwell.