Sunday, September 15, 2013

Harmonizing Hummingbird Feed

Ever have the trouble of there being one humming bird that will dominate your hummingbird feeder? You know, the one bird that sits in a nearby tree watching the feeder. As soon as another hummingbird approaches, he swiftly takes aim at the intruding hummingbird. A lot of times this is what happens. There have been other times I've seen the hummingbirds share beautifully, like a ballet in the air, moving in and out, sharing the four feeding spots. Recently I decided to try and do something about the aggressive, selfish hummingbird behavior. It had been a while since I had seen any sharing at all. So this time, before pouring the fresh hummingbird feed into the feeder -- I make it on the stove with 1/2 cup of sugar and 2 cups tap water. Warmed just enough to help melt all the sugar. -- I held the pot between my two hands and thinking in terms of Dr. Emoto's work with examining frozen water crystals. Dr. Emoto would place a word or concept on the outside of the container of water, then freeze it. He then would examine the frozen water crystals under a microscope. He found that words like "peace," "love," or "beauty" would create beautifully symmetric water crystal designs. Water exposed to more negative concepts or feelings would have less symmetric, or distorted designs. So, therefore, my holding of the pot with the hummingbird feed between my hands was an effort to affect the structure, and perhaps the feeling in the water. Surely, hummingbirds are delicate and sensitive creatures, if anyone, they would be affected. I held the pot and thought the words, "harmony," "sharing," "peace," and "cooperation." This way, these positive feelings and emotions would be imbued into the water/feed and then in effect, into the birds themselves. It seemed to certainly work. Almost right away I noticed more than one hummingbird at the feeder. Then at times there would be multiple birds, sometimes four at time at the feeder. I haven't redone the practice again with subsequent feeder refills and it only seems to be slowly wearing off. Perhaps I'll try again and see if there isn't some improvement in their behavior again. In any event, based on my observations, this absolutely affected the hummingbirds behavior in a harmonious and cooperative way.